Jul 31

Storm & Shield 8: Doomsday Devices pdf Launch


Despite the start of the summer holiday, I pushed forward with the layout of the pdf. Therefore, I am very pleased to announce the release of Storm & Shield: Doomsday Devices, the compilation pdf from my eighth Storm & Shield contest.



As with all the Storm & Shield pdfs, this is a FREE title. The product page describes Storm & Shield: Doomsday Devices as follows:


We have long known the agents of Storm & Shield Prime are elite operatives, aided by truly amazing technology. The challenges they face are equally amazing. Along with clever foes, the agents of Storm & Shield must deal with complex technological devices, and the fiendish threats they create.

Contestants were invited to describe one such doomsday device. The submissions typically included a sinister plot in their entry. Storm & Shield: Doomsday Devices collects together the five devices submitted to the contest, plus four bonus devices. The winner was determined by an online poll, between the five original entries.



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