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Legend of Dragons, Chapter 7, Part 1


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The arrival of the long summer holidays mean I devote more of my time to childcare. One aspect of this I especially enjoy is the Legend of Dragons campaign I run for the boys. My time is limited, but I still want to develop the boys’ love of roleplaying with our Basic Dungeons & Dragons game.


As noted before, I am converting the dungeons from Fighting Fantasy, by Steve Jackson. This novel-sized paperback was published by Puffin in 1984. It is a simple RPG, based around the Fighting Fantasy series of books popular at the time. In the back of this book are two dungeons I can run for the boys.


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Working from the information in the book, I compiled a short list of the rooms, along with notes converting the setting to Basic D&D. Thus, for example, the Mummy in the book is now a zombie wearing bandages. In keeping with my preferred style of faster prep, these notes are only brief. Yet, a few simple reminders should be enough to allow me to improvise the details I need at the table.


My final task was to source a set of floorplans. Once again, I took the simple route. Instead of a specific map for each room, I collected together a small range of square, rectangular and circular rooms. I prepared a large cavern floorplan for deeper in the dungeon, but this was just a matter of giving an A4 sheet of card a rough trim. Even the boys might flinch at a perfectly rectangular cavern.


Hopefully, this will be enough to start the boys on another adventure. This is the shorter dungeon from the book, with 18 locations. Given the way the boys struggle with more than two encounters per session, this should take us deep into the summer holiday.


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