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Dragon Tales: Chapter 6



Up Through the Hall



Aepydrax, Xenobia, Lycaon and Feandir the Elf gathered inside Korondax’s farmhouse and discussed where they should explore next. Karthedon, the Mage in the Lighthouse, had sent them to scout out rumoured goblin raids. The Heroes had indeed found goblins, but the farmhouse was not yet cleared of enemies.


After a heated discussion, the Heroes chose to explore upstairs first. Lycaon crept up the stairs as quietly as he could. In the partitioned bedroom, he spotted an orc and three more goblins. The Heroes rushed up the stairs, and Feandir cast his sleep spell.


A wave of magic swept through the farmhouse. The orc, all three goblins and the other Heroes all succumbed to the powerful spell. Only Feandir was left awake!


The elf took his chance and quickly killed the evil monsters before they could awaken. He then shook awake the other Heroes. Everyone then searched the rest of the farmhouse, but no more goblins could be found. Instead, the Heroes discovered a small chest of coins, an ornate cloak, a silver belt and a potion which Xenobia knew to be a healing draught.


The Heroes reported back to Karthedon the Mage, who paid them their dues. However, the Mage was sure this was only the first move in what could prove to be a long battle against marauding goblin tribes. The Heroes stood ready to defend their village.





Dragon Tales are the session summaries from the Legend of Dragons cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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