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Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 23


In Ignorant Good Will


Late morning, Marchday, Truth Week, Delve Season, 1017.


The Heroes stood in silence for a moment, catching their breath after the fight with the red elementals. Then they realized Umiaq had also vanished. This Red Tower was truly a weird place.


Regardless, Adlartok sent his seven trollkin to explore the desk and shelves in the room. Six returned, squabbling over a bat wing featuring a red claw. One trollkin vanished through a door into the tower interior. Mangok explored the room beyond the open door, finding chests of cloth and red robes bearing a red circle. He returned to the other Heroes wearing a robe. This sent Adlatok’s trollkin into a frenzy, resulting in four more charging deeper into the tower.


An alarm began to ring distangly inside the tower. After a brief discussion, the Heroes resolved to explore the sinister tower further. Hildeboldus scouted through the tower, finding the spiral staircase at its core. The distant bell was louder here, and then pounding feet approached up the staircase.


Three human warriors with bloodied spears burst into the room. Hildeboldus took at severe stab in the neck. Sartokna created a cloud of darkness to help the troll-folk in the battle. Adlartok quickly stomped one warrior, Sartokna slew one with her sling and Mangok arrived in time to eat the face off the last guard.


Adlartok was deep in a berserk rage, ripping apart furniture until Hildeboldus pulled the troll out of his anger. Adlartok then invoked Xiola Umbar to heal the Heroes. The lightning sled was sent to a higher window, as the Heroes agreed to search the tower for the missing trollkin.


Hildeboldus scouted up to the next level, where a giant bat appeared, filling the spiral staircase as it descended. Hildeboldus used his spear to hold off the screeching beast. Sartokna slew the foul creature by sending a sling stone down it’s open throat. In death, the two Heroes noted the red circle brand on the bat’s forehead, and the small tentacles growing from its neck.


Hildeboldus decided to ride the bat down the stairs, so Sartokna climbed on behind the human. He used his spear to lever the bat into motion, just as Adlartok rushed up the stairs to help them in their fight. Adlartok loomed large in the stairwell as he tried to jump aboard the crowded bat. However, there simply was not enough space. The bat skidded to a halt, pushing hard against the large troll blocking the staircase.



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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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