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July 2017 Reviewed


Back at the start of January, I posted my Writing Resolutions for 2017.


I keep these goals in focus by writing monthly updates about my progress. The original post outlined four categories of resolution:

  • Blogging Resolutions
  • Freelance & Publishing Resolutions
  • Fiction Resolutions
  • Gaming Resolutions


This update is running late, but August is such a busy month on the blog. Also, this is the long summer holiday and my time is not my own anymore.



Blogging Resolutions

July’s traffic figures were strong, although down a from May and June. Further support from Chaosium and the Storm & Shield: Doomsday Devices contest boosted traffic. July was the third best month of 2017 so far, which is encouraging. I also received a small uptick in entries for the contest. Another good mark in this area. Blogging score 4/5.



Freelance & Publishing Resolutions

July’s contest meant a late push on releasing the compilation pdf. I felt the need to complete this book before August, as I am always so busy over the summer holiday. Unlike the webcomic compilation, this free pdf saw an early spike in downloads, which is always encouraging.


Storm & Shield: Doomsday Devices


I upgraded the layout for the pdf, in line with my current house style. I produced a banner rapidly, as I reap the benefits from learning my new graphic design software. Finally, I revived an old planar pdf which I began years ago. There are so many books I want to write, but it is important to finish what you begin. This book will be my autumn project. Overall, good progress and a healthy launch deserve a high mark. Freelance score 5/5.



Fiction Resolutions

July was full of end-of-year school events. I also eased back on the fiction as I focused on the pdf and generally clearing my desk prior to the summer break. My main achievement was the second round of editing on my long story, now down to 5,200 words. I should cut another 5%, but this version is ready for beta readers. Once the autumn arrives, I really need more finished stories. Fiction score 3/5.



Gaming Resolutions

July revived my Shadows of Ulubrae story arc, as we returned to HeroQuest Glorantha. Board gaming proved more successful, with solo games of Tiny Epic Galaxies on games night. The month concluded with the launch of the Summer Gaming Challenge, and a strong start. Gaming score 5/5.


Summer Gaming Challenge ‘17



July 2017

The total for the month is a mighty 17/20. This is a new high for the year. August will fall away due to the increased childcare and preparations for major building work. I hope to write more in the autumn, then build towards more progress in 2018.



Have you set yourself any resolutions for 2017? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Happy Gaming



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