Aug 10

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 25, Part 2


  • Wednesday progress
  • Dungeon World Prep
  • A fresh band of Heroes


My big plan for yesterday was to work through all the Dungeon World prep. I almost managed to complete it all. However, the bulk of the work is done, including the actual play report I skipped on Saturday. All that remains is a quick description of the guide for the Heroes, and then I am done.


Thankfully, this leaves me with a relatively light workload for tomorrow night. I also need to find the time to read through my Dungeon World notes. It was not too long ago when I last ran DW for the group, so a quick read should suffice. My plan is for the game on Saturday to be a one-shot, which allows me to side-step at least some of the DW rules. However, new Heroes are required for this trip, as all the standard campaign Heroes are badly wounded. Thus, the game may feel like a “Red Shirt” episode.


I look forward to seeing who the Players create for this mission. There are a couple of characters previously generated who might suit the quest. On the other hand, we could see a dedicated band of trolls venture out into the wilds to save their security chief’s life. Either way, a by-product of the session on Saturday will be the creation of a number of lesser characters for the ongoing campaign. I just hope they are up to the job of finding the fungal cure in time, and thus saving the life of the mortally wounded Hero.


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The Prep in Progress series are short summaries of my prep for the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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