Aug 11

RPG-a-day 2017: Day 11


August means the #RPGaDay program is live. We are now in the second week of this month-long series. The RPG-a-day project is hosted again at Brigade Con blog, were you can find the full list of questions.


I included a few more details in my launch post on Day 1




Day 11

Which “dead game” would you like to see reborn?


My taste in games has evolved over the years, so what I loved thirty years ago may not suit me now. However, I read one game review in Imagine magazine which spurred me on to a desperate search for a copy as it suddenly fell out of print. This is an amusing call-back to yesterdays’ question.


The game was DragonQuest, published by SPI in 1981, then bought out by TSR. I tracked down a copy, which was much harder in the days before ebay. This was the game which wrenched me away from Dungeons & Dragons, setting me on the path which lead me to HeroQuest. I am sure the hobby could survive without yet another game with “Quest” in the title, but DragonQuest had many unusual features for the time.


DQ allowed great flexibility in character generation, weaving points and dice rolls together. It is skill-based, which allows for customization of characters, and stood it apart from AD&D. The elemental aspects of DQ are visible still in the custom runes I use in my Tales of the Hero Wars game. Finally, the elaborate magic system was tied to multiple colleges of magic, each with a distinct flavour.


Much of the game is too crunchy for my tastes today. Yet, I would love to see a modern layout of the rules. I am sure aspects of the game would change with a new edition, so a new version would be wonderful. Sadly, this is highly unlikely to happen.



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