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Combat Description Cards on Kickstarter




The previous Kickstarter I recommended was Posthuman Pathways Kickstarter, Transhumanism, Sacrifice & Transformation.


The recent run of interesting Kickstarter campaigns continues, and this week I have another one for you. However, this is not a game, but rather a tool for Storytellers and GMs. The campaign page describes the game as follows;


The Combat Description Deck will include 100+ unique cards, with each card containing 6 unique phrases. That’s a total of 600+ unique phrases, all ready for you to use to spice up your combat narrative.

For further ease-of-use, the cards are divided into three suits, which correspond to the three common attack types of Blunt, Slashing, and Piercing. And then each card is further subdivided into three common fighting styles of Finesse, Power, and Ranged. So, when an attack happens, you simply grab the card from the stack for the attack type that occurred and read off the description for the fighting style that was used. It’s as simple and easy-to-use as that.


The basic deck is a great way to spice up combat, but the campaign is so much more than that. Here is another Kickstarter that is blowing through so many Stretch Goals that it becomes awesome value. Booster packs for Expressions, Environmental sights and sounds, Pain, Ill Intent and Labyrinth Environments have all been added. Doubtless there will be more on the way.


The result of so many Stretch Goals being unlocked, as Kickstarter regulars would know, is to make this campaign an excellent deal. I am not sure how much value I can get out of the D&D-esque nature of the combat cards. However, with the addition of the Stretch Goals, there is plenty here for me to use.


As I live in the UK, then the shipping cost is a factor for me. Yet, there is a cool digital level available that includes a searchable, editable document of the text of these cards. This is a fantastic resource, and will open up all sorts of possibilities for me. I doubt that I would want to print out the cards, as I seem to carry a lot of cards with me already.


However, these digital tools offer me a lot of options to decide how to use the text. I could print out a sample for my GM folder, or add them to my existing custom cards. There really are a lot of options, but I will wait until I see them before choosing what to do with these snippets of text.


So, check out the Combat Description Cards page for an great narrative tool.


The campaign closes early April 16th BST and has already funded.

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