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Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 25


Too Long A Sacrifice


Pre-dawn, Craftsday, Truth Week, Delve Season, 1017.


Adlartok was dying!


Ambassador Qigukna and her handmaidens prayed for guidance, as the Priestess of Xiola Umbar knew of no healing to cure the red blight corrupting Adlrtok’s body. In a flash of divine inspiration, Qigukna realised only the Black Stem Fungus would be enough to restore the darkness to the dying troll.


Quickly, Qigukna chose for the quest Salakna, one of her handmaidens, and Leontia, Sartokna’s wandering bodyguard. Verath, an itinereant minotaur mage, heard talk of the quest and volunteered himself. Here was the perfect chance for him to earn the respect of the powerful Ambassador. Finally, Qigukna summoned Irdvok as a guide. This trollkin worked for the Guild of Fungeries, and knew the tunnels around Ulubrae. The quartet left the embassy early in the morning, easily avoiding the dwarven patrols.


The initial leg of the journey went well. Then Irdvok was dismayed to find the tunnel blocked by a strange plug of red stone. Leontia immediately began digging through this blockage. The unusual red rock, marbled in black, grew increasingly hot as Leontia dug. Soon, the dwarf was through the worst of the blockage, and had dug passage for the Heroes. Verath failed to detect arcane magic from the weird rock, but drew attention to himself.


This manifested as a skaven ambush in the next cavern. A rat brute and three skaven warriors attacked the mage. A combination of magic missiles and a swinging staff defeated the rat brute, only for a skaven berserker to be drawn out of the shadows by the mage’s power. Salakna channelled more healing darkness to the mage, while Leontia slew the remaining skaven with her serrated gladius.


Irdvok lead the trio of Heroes deeper into the Underdark. The tunnel became damp as the smell of mould grew stronger. Eventually, they arrived at Moonstone Cavern, a huge cave filled with a fungus forest. Cautiously, the Heroes examined the scene. A dark cave on the far side of the low forest was heavily shadowed, home to the Shadow Stem Fungus they sought. Salakna spotted a large fungus moving through the forest, while Verath noticed the gleam of bones between the thick stems.


Salakna lead the way into the forest, skirting the swampy area in the middle, and arriving at the darkness of the Shadow Stem cave. Leontia moved into the darkness to harvest the fungus they needed. Verath tried to illluminate the cavern with a red light, but this only drew forth the fungal shambler lurking in the forest.


This giant fungus lashed viciously at the mage. Three skeletons with fungal organs lurched out of the forest towards Salakna, who invoked the power of Kygor Litor to banish them. The shambler lashed again at Verath, mortally wounding the minotaur. In a surge of arcane energies, the mage threw himself at the shambler, blasting it and himself apart.


Yet, Leontia had harvested one writhing Shadow Stem Fungus. The remaining Heroes hoped this would be enough, and followed Irdvok as he lead them back to Ulubrae and the dying Adlartok.



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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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