Aug 18

Summer Gaming Challenge ‘17: Day 28


The long summer break is here, and I need something to help me through the empty days. Much as I love the boys, I need additional motivation to cope with the combined heat and boredom. So far, we have suffered more with rain than heat, but the predicted boredom materialized. My solution for this year is the Summer Gaming Challenge.


This was announced on the blog here.



Day 28

The halfway point has been passed, and we are now four weeks into the summer holiday. The SGC runs on strongly and I am now eyeing the big 100 games target. These last two-and-a-half weeks will be extra busy, but I only need a few days ahead of the 2.0 average to reach 100. I am amazed.


Indeed, enthusiasm for games has grown to the point where I bought a couple more card games to add to the collection. As the deadline for the building work looms, I doubt I can invest quite so much time on boardgames. Rattling through a few card games will really help me reach my extended goal. The 2.0 average looks safe at the moment, so the stretch is to reach the big 100.


UNO is now joined at the head of the list by my wife’s current favourite: Ticket to Ride: Europe. Formula De and Tiny Epic Galaxies are tied for third one game behind. It is encouraging to see so many Euro games perform well. As we move into the last third of the summer, the title of the most played game remains an open race.


Current SGC Score: 60 games in 28 Days

Total number of games: 22

  • Games Played:
  • 14 Days
  • Avengers Rapid Fire x2
  • Basic D&D
  • Catan Dice x3
  • Cribbage
  • Dungeon World
  • Elfenland
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Fighting Fantasy RPG
  • Formula De x5
  • Frustration x4
  • HeroQuest Glorantha x3
  • Hero Realms x3
  • Labyrinth x2
  • Magic: The Gathering x4
  • One Banana, Two Banana x2
  • Pop to the Shops x3
  • Risk x3
  • Settlers of Catan x2
  • Ticket to Ride: Europe x6
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies x5
  • UNO x6


Happy Gaming



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