Aug 21

RPG-a-day 2017: Day 21


August means the #RPGaDay program is live. We are now in the third week of this month-long series filling my schedule. The RPG-a-day project is hosted again at Brigade Con blog, where you can find the full list of questions.


I included a few more details in my launch post on Day 1




Day 21

Which RPG does the most with the least words?


The word count of an RPG is not something I normally consider. In recent years, I have grown my indie collection of games, most of which have short rules. Sadly, my experience of running indie games is far more limited. However, it only seems fair to answer this question based upon games I have played.


One interpretation of this question is to divide hours played by word count. This favours lengthy campaigns, which probably brings me back to HeroQuest. In a deliberate attempt to avoid repeated answers from this point forward, I will henceforth adopt a looser interpretation of the RPG-a-day questions.


So, the shortest RPG I have run must be “Three Old Men”, from Twenty-Four Game Poems by Marc Majcher, published by Gizmet Gameworks. The text for Three Old Men is one-and-a-half pages of this slim, A5 booklet. We played this game as a brief interlude for the Sigil PD story arc, replacing the three old men with three grumpy demons insulting each other. It was a fun game, creating a backstory for the demons, who subsequently appeared in later stories.



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