Aug 29

RPG-a-day 2017: Day 29


August means the #RPGaDay program is live. We are now in the last few days of this month-long series filling my schedule. The RPG-a-day project is hosted again at Brigade Con blog, where you can find the full list of questions.


I included a few more details in my launch post on Day 1




Day 29

Which has been the best-run Kickstarter you have backed?


Regular readers of Tales of a GM know I have something of a Kickstater habit. I try to keep this in check, but the appeal of a great game at a low price is a hard one to resist. Thus, I have participated in a fair number of Kickstarters. This included the massive campaigns for Numenera and FATE.


My favourite campaign must be the Hillfolk Kickstarter run by Robin D Laws and Pelgrane Press. This game is powered by the DramaSystem engine we use for many interludes. Our group participated in the playtest, Robin was very active in social media, and the campaign generated a mass of stretch goals. The accompanying music remains a firm favourite, and part of my regular listening when I try to balance out the noise of the boys.


I was even lucky enough to contribute to the Blood on the Snow expansion book. It was a very special feeling to see my name in a book released by Pelgrane Press. To date, this remains a writing highlight. Overall, I have very fond memories of the Hillfolk Kickstarter.



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