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Summer Gaming Challenge ‘17: Day 42


The long summer break is here, and I need something to help me through the empty days. Much as I love the boys, I need additional motivation to cope with the combined heat and boredom. So far, we have suffered more with rain than heat, but the predicted boredom materialized. My solution for this year is the Summer Gaming Challenge.


This was announced on the blog here.



Day 42

The wait is nearly over, as we are only a few days away from the end of the long summer holiday. A surge in gaming through this week and the SGC is back on target. If you recall, my second target for the summer was to play two games a day, which I achieved today.


Last week’s joint leader, Odin’s Ravens, is now alone in the top spot. Eldest son is very keen on this pretty card game, adopting an aggressive strategy with the Loki cards. Close in second are Ticket to Ride: Europe and Tiny Epic Galaxies. The latter benefits from the solo option, another area of gaming I want to explore further.


Looking ahead, there are merely 4 days left of the holiday. I need 8 more games to reach the big 100. This translates as only 2.00 games a day. The arrival today of a Ticket to Ride expansion suggests we will have a game-filled weekend, and thus I should achieve my third and final gaming goal of the summer.


  • Current SGC Score: 92 games in 42 Days
  • Total number of games: 26
  • Games Played:
    • 14 Days x2
    • Avengers Rapid Fire x2
    • Basic D&D
    • Bohnanza
    • Catan Dice x3
    • Cribbage
    • Dungeon World
    • Elfenland
    • Enchanted Forest
    • Fighting Fantasy RPG
    • Formula De x5
    • Frustration x4
    • HeroQuest Glorantha x5
    • Hero Realms x4
    • Labyrinth x6
    • Magic: The Gathering x4
    • Odin’s Ravens (2nd Ed) x9
    • One Banana, Two Banana x2
    • Pop to the Shops x3
    • Port Royal x7
    • Risk x3
    • Settlers of Catan x2
    • Stars Without Number
    • Ticket to Ride: Europe x8
    • Tiny Epic Galaxies x8
    • UNO x7


Happy Gaming



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