Sep 06

Summer Gaming Challenge ‘17: Conclusion


The long summer break is finished. However, I needed something to help carry me through those empty days. Much as I love the boys, I needed additional motivation to cope with the combined boredom and bickering. My solution for this year was the Summer Gaming Challenge.


This was announced on the blog here


Through the summer I posted weekly reviews of my progress. It quickly became clear that my original target of one game per day was not sufficient motivation. The revised target of two games per day was in turn discarded for the more memorable goal of 100 games over the summer.


Despite no progress on the final day of the holiday, I am pleased to announce I achieved my target. The milestone was a three-player game of Port Royal, one of the surprise successes of the summer. Card games performed well here, benefiting from their fast set-up and quick play. Yet, board games and RPGs both feature on the list.


By the time summer 2018 rolls around, I expect to have better access to my games collection and an improved gaming area. Both of which should mean I have the potential to play even more games in the next Summer Gaming Challenge. It is too early to set targets, but I expect them to be higher than this year.


The other great benefit of the challenge was how it pushed us towards playing games. My family entered into the spirit of the challenge, which bodes well for gaming through the rest of the year. I really hope these 100 games have set us up to simply play more games.


Final SGC Score: 102 games in 46 Days

  • Total number of games: 27
  • Games Played:
    • 14 Days x2
    • Avengers Rapid Fire x2
    • Basic D&D
    • Bohnanza
    • Catan Dice x3
    • Cribbage
    • Dungeon World
    • Elfenland
    • Enchanted Forest
    • Fighting Fantasy RPG
    • Formula De x5
    • Frustration x4
    • HeroQuest Glorantha x6
    • Hero Realms x6
    • Labyrinth x7
    • Magic: The Gathering x5
    • Odin’s Ravens (2nd Ed) x11
    • One Banana, Two Banana x2
    • Pop to the Shops x3
    • Port Royal x9
    • Risk x3
    • Settlers of Catan x2
    • Stars Without Number
    • Ticket to Ride: Europe x8
    • Ticket to Ride: UK
    • Tiny Epic Galaxies x8
    • UNO x7


Happy Gaming



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