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Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 28


Excess of Love


Morning, Farmday, Secret Week, Delve Season, 1017.


Just as he began his morning work, Helegion was visited by Horatia, a gnome neighbour. Horatia explained how her husband had vanished over two weeks ago. Trolls had been seen in the area, so Horatia asked Helegion to visit the Troll Embassy on her behalf. Perhaps one of the trolls remembered seeing her husband.


Helegion found Adlartok in the Embassy, where he was welcoming the new additions to his trollkin band. After all the disappearances in the Red Tower, Adlartok was now back to five trollkin. Helegion explained his mission from Horatia, but none of the trolls could remember her husband. Adlartok recalled the riot where two gnomes were killed, but those bodies had been handed over to a shadowy dwarven contact.


Despite this worrying possibility, the trolls insisted they talk with the distressed gnome widow. Horatia would only meet with the trolls at Helegion’s workshop. Adlartok took his trollkin into the elf’s storeroom, where they proceeded to cause havoc and try to steal Helegion’s stock. Meanwhile, Umiaq questioned the frightened gnome, but Horatia had no information about Pavian thieves.


The Heroes visited Remigus, the Secretary to the Troll Minister. The official met them in a plush meeting room in the Iron Citadel. Umiaq was surprised no new Minister had been appointed, but Remigus explained how the voting was tight. Several votes had been taken, yet the requisite six votes of approval for a candidate were not achieved. The clockwork voting method of the Iron Council hid how the remaining eleven members voted.


Remigus acknowledged that the Proculus clan were interested in the post, but they were not the only possibilities. The current Minister for Fungeries was another option, but many considered him lacking in experience. As for the current investigation into the assassination of the previous Minister, Remigus understood the worthy Investigator was now focused on anarchists or a rogue political faction.


The Heroes also drew Remigus’ attention to the Red Tower. The official doubted that the Tower was actually growing, despite Adlartok’s insistence. Should the Heroes obtain architectural proof of this fact, then Remigus conceded the current owners of the Red Tower were unlikely to have the correct permissions for such an unprecedented occurrence.


The matter of the red light was dismissed by Remigus as an issue for the Prelate of the Temple of Sol Invictus. He understood the Temple were angered over the rogue light, but this was not his area of expertise. Remigus concluded the meeting by highlighting his concerns over trollkins chasing bats around the streets. This was not a suitable activity for Altarium, and the Embassy were requested to limit this action to within their compound.



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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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