Sep 09

A GM Reads: The Collected Daily Dwarf


My revised reading challenge for 2017 is to focus on what a GM can take from the books I read. I lift out characters, events, creatures, plots or themes from each book. As a GM, you still need to read the book to gain the most benefit, but each review brings a few ideas for the GM.


Here is another title from my backlog. The latest review is The Collected Daily Dwarf by @dailydwarf. This was published by The Armchair Adventurers as a supplement to their podcast. The Collected Daily Dwarf is available as a PWYW pdf from DriveThruRPG, where it is described as follows:


The Collected Daily Dwarf is a series of articles reviewing the halcyon days of Britain’s greatest RPG magazine. @dailydwarf contributions to the GROGNARD files form the back-bone of the podcast, we’re pleased to present them together for the first time. In this first collection, there are articles about RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Stormbringer, and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.


Find The Collected Daily Dwarf at DriveThruRPG



In my youth, we were blessed with two RPG magazines published in the UK. While Imagine was my favourite, I also enjoyed the wide-ranging White Dwarf magazine. Reading through @dailydwarf’s memories of White Dwarf reminded me just how great this magazine was. The best thing I can say about this collection is that it made me want to dig out my old copies of White Dwarf and read them again.



For the GM

Firstly, if you play any of the older games listed above, then the individual articles in the collection are a targeted Best of White Dwarf for you. The mini-reviews present the best article and scenario for each RPG in turn.


The other benefit is really for British GMs of a certain age, who would enjoy this nostalgia trip. A collection of reviews has minimal detailed content to pass along. Yet, this is not to devalue these essays. They are entertaining and a superb review of an old-school RPG magazine.



Happy Reading



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