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Dragon Tales: Chapter 7


Just as the Sun Dropped Down


Karthedon, the Mage in the Lighthouse, had a new challenge for the Heroes. High in the hills above the town was an abandoned village. Karthedon knew the well in this village to be the home of the Spider King, a troublesome bandit who may be the source of the recent goblin raids. Karthedon sent Aepydrax, Xenobia, Lycaon and Feandir the Elf to deal with the bandit king. To help them on this new quest, Lycaon asked his friend Pelias to join them. Pelias was another warrior, giving the Heroes more strength in battle.


The Heroes scouted around the deserted village and quickly found the old well. Using ropes, the Heroes climbed down the well. At the bottom of the dry well, they found a short passage ending with a stout wooden door. Aepydrac easily kicked open the door.


In the first chamber, they found an old dwarf called Thrushbeard. Once the Heroes ate the hazelnuts handed out by Thrushbeard, the dwarf was willing to talk. He eventually told them which door to take in order to find the Spider King. Aepydrax promised to return someday with more thrushes for the dwarf.


Following Thrushbeard’s advice, the Heroes entered a room with three skeletons hanging above three chests. The Heroes moved carefully, fearing a trap. However, the skeletons showed no sign of movement. Aepydrax opened a chest and disturbed a grumpy ghost. The ghost was very rude about the Heroes but did them no direct harm.


The ghost was even more animated when a snake was disturbed in another chest. Eventually, Pelias chopped the snake to pieces, much to the ghost’s disappointment. After lengthy persuasion, Xenobia settled the ghost back into the original chest.


Finally, the Heroes reached a room where the walls were covered in the illusion of a forest. The scene looked so real, Feandir was surprised when a lizard dropped out of a tree to attack him. The lizard bit the elf so hard he nearly died, and had to quickly drink a healing potion to recover. Pelias quickly killed the lizard and the Heroes discussed where to go next.





Dragon Tales are the session summaries from the Legend of Dragons cycle of tales in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


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