Oct 09

Countdown to Dragonmeet 2017: 8 weeks


October has arrived and autumn is in full flow. This means we are another step closer to December and Dragonmeet.


My favourite convention is held this year on Saturday 2nd December. The venue is stable this year, with the second hosting at Novotel London West, in Hammersmith, London. I do not need to research the route as part of my planning this year.


The latest step forward was ordering the train tickets online. As noted previously, I will be attending alone this year. Thus, I was able to order the train tickets as soon as the booking window opened. I will miss not travelling down with Phil-the-Artist, but being a solo traveller made the process of booking much faster.


I have secured the trains I wanted, and the tickets have arrived safely in the post. I always then panic about the date and check obsessively with the Dragonmeet website. Once again, I booked the right date for another year.


With the large-scale plans made, I can now turn my attention to the trade hall. This is the fun part where I start to think about what I want to buy. My initial list includes dice, a board game and something for roleplaying. Over the next few weeks, I will try to narrow this down.


My other task is to pester my internet friends to see who I can meet up with. The last year I attended alone I met several new friends. I hope to repeat the process. I also need to buy mobile data for the event, so I can raise my social media presence without having to rely on wifi.



Happy Gaming




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