Oct 18

Songs of Ulubrae: Iron Council Politics


Ruling Factions

  • Antonius Falernus Aureus, High Chancellor
    • Shared Pavian education with Faustinius Manillus
    • Childhood friends with Salvius Flaminus
  • Corsillius Vellus Aureus, Minister of Artifice and Clockworks
    • Making war machines for the Stone Legion
    • Price fixing with Gabinius Adameus
  • Fabius Proculus Aureus, Minister of Gems
    • Lack of gems to sustain Ulubrae currency
    • Seeking to manipulate the Sons of Gaius
  • Faustinius Manillus, Nominated Minister of Refugees, Aliens and Troll Affairs
    • Supported by Fabius Proculus
    • Opposed by Publius Ternetus
  • Gabinius Adameus, Minister of Trade
    • Supports opponent of Faustinius Manillus
    • Knows about the currency scandal, but disbelieved
  • Licinius Tarpus Aureus, High Prelate of Temple of Pater Caelus the Stone Father
    • Owes money to Fabius Proculus
    • Confidante to Antonius Falernus
  • Pinarius Drusus Aureus, Minister of the Stone Legion
    • Blackmailed with false accusations by the Tea Circle
    • Promotes his son for the post of Minister of Refugees, Aliens and Troll Affairs
  • Publius Ternetus, Minister of Agriculture and Fungeries
    • Funds the Tea Circle
    • Disputes lighting requirements with Salvius Flaminus
  • Salvius Flaminus, Prelate of Temple of Sol Invictus, Minister of the Cavern
    • Dislikes trolls and all Darkness
    • Philosophical dispute with Corsillius Vellus over clocks and time



City Factions

  • Dwarven Ladies’ Tea Circle
    • Manipulates Gabinius Adameus
    • Threatened with ex-communication by Licinius Tarpus
  • Sons of Gaius
    • Seeks the overthrow of Antonius Falernus
    • Secret ally with Gabinius Adameus
  • Troll Embassy
    • Allies with the Dwarven Ladies Tea Circle
    • Supplying troll mercenaries to the Stone Legion



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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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