Oct 24

Songs of Ulubrae: Planet Albion



  • Southwold, coastal town in Suffolk, England
  • The residents of Southwold are indifferent to the local theme park
  • The UK is in a patriotic fever about Planet Albion
    • This is due to championing of the park by the tabloid press




  • Planet Albion owned by NeoCain
    • This petrochemical giant specializes in cryogenics and cloning
    • NeoCain also owns media arm Croriphibe, specializing in reality shows



Famous Areas of Planet Albion

  • Merlin’s Adventure
    • A special area created children
    • Regular scheduled live performances of Arthurian adventure
    • Swings & carousels
    • Merchandise & toy outlets
    • BUT – desolate, unsettlingly quiet
  • Tudor Town
    • Moving animatronics of Tudor monarchs & famous figures
    • “Walter Ways”,  Raleigh-themed water ride through the early empire
    • “Axe Drop” attraction, the highest in Europe
    • Tudor-flavoured ice cream parlours and sweet shops
    • BUT – grotesque
  • Cromwell Land
    • “Committee of Public Safety Parade”
    • Charles I execution show
    • New Model Army roller coaster
    • The finest sackcloth tailors
    • BUT – holy, the cult of Saint Oliver
  • Industrial Court & Grill
    • Industrial Revolution Maze, with discoveries and inventions
    • Moving animatronics of down-trodden workers and bullying industrialists
    • Amazing pyrotechnics and light show as industry comes to life
    • Barbecue and grill restaurants
    • BUT – horrifying and traumatic



Planet Albion Mascot

  • The Great Black Dog, aka Black Shuck
    • Gargantuan black dog
    • Appears in the mind as visions and portents
    • Insatiable hunger
    • Elder God of ancient Albion



Happy Gaming




The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign. Planet Albion is part of a Halloween interlude using The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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