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October 2017 Reviewed


All the way back in January, I posted my Writing Resolutions for 2017.


I keep these goals in focus by writing monthly updates about my progress. The original post outlined four categories of resolution:

  • Blogging Resolutions
  • Freelance & Publishing Resolutions
  • Fiction Resolutions
  • Gaming Resolutions


October was dominated by the building work around the house. Progress is being made, but there are weeks more disruption left. I struggled to write last month and the situation is no better now.



Blogging Resolutions

October’s traffic figures dropped back down again. My long blog posts attracted reasonable numbers, but nothing really exploded. I kept to my promotion schedule which helped. However, maintaining the rate of posting was hard work. The result was an average month, which is reflected in the score. Blogging score 3/5.



Freelance & Publishing Resolutions

My poor focus in October limited my productivity. I lacked quiet, warmth and a settled place to write. The planar pdf project is now printed out as I start the editing process. This is a reasonable milestone, but progress is slow. Freelance score 3/5.



Fiction Resolutions

While I can push forward with the freelance project, the fiction writing requires greater focus. This is not possible with the builders here, so I am left with merely reading in October. It is sad to do so poorly, but these are exceptional circumstances. Fiction score 1/5.



Gaming Resolutions

October was more of a mixed bag for my gaming. In roleplaying, we played sessions of HeroQuest and The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth. The Halloween special game was fun, and the Players want to visit Planet Albion again. The story was easy to improvise and I predict we will return here in the future as a simple pick-up game I could run at short notice.


Read more about Planet Albion


After the failings in September, I even found time to play a couple of board games with the family. I spent the very generous birthday gift from my Players on a copy of Seven Wonders. Eldest enjoyed popping out the pieces with me and our first four-Player game was a success. The many combinations of boards bring a lot of variety to this game. I expect we will play Seven Wonders a lot in 2018. Gaming score 4/5.



October 2017

The total for the month once again is a disappointing 11/20. Too much of my time was taken up by chores and only a sudden resurgence of gaming saved the month. Living with the building work remains stressful and distracting. I fear November will be just as poor, not least because once the builders leave we will be in a rush to settle back into the house before Christmas.



Have you set yourself any resolutions for 2017? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Happy Gaming



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