Nov 06

Countdown to Dragonmeet 2017: 4 weeks


November is finally here and the temperature is falling. Which means we are so much closer to December and Dragonmeet.


My favourite convention is held this year on Saturday 2nd December. The venue is stable this year, with the second hosting at Novotel London West, in Hammersmith, London. I do not need to research the route as part of my planning this year.


The travel plans are falling into place. Childcare has been arranged, clearing the final hurdle. It will be a long day, but worth it. All that is left is to work on my plans for the convention itself. A list of special guests is up on the website, but the seminar schedule is always a late arrival. I will try harder this year to attend the Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff seminar. Chaosium is usually good for a seminar, but I need to wait on the timings.


This only leaves me with the trade hall to think about at the moment. I have begun a list of board games I want to buy. I also need to consider which second-hand RPG books I want to hunt down. MERP and Hero Wars are likely candidates. If I compile a list of what I already own, then this should avoid duplication problems. Finally, there is the social side of things. As we move through November I need to establish which internet friends are likely to attend. It would be great to chat with friends through the day. As the days pass, I grow ever more excited.



Happy Gaming




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  1. Hi Phil!

    I find it interesting how different people prepare for things. Can I ask why it is that Dragonmeet is your favourite? (It’s a great show, don’t get me wrong, but UKGE and others also do really well.)

    I really enjoy it, though I’m biased given a few years of personal memories and the proximity to my current home. 😉

    – Bez

      • Phil on November 6, 2017 at 1:26 pm
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      Hi Bez,

      Good question.

      Partly, it was the first RPG convention I attended. Thus, I have memories over several years.

      Secondly, it is big enough to be varied, without feeling overwhelming. Games Expo, I am looking at you. I have chatted with gaming names and internet friends, making Dragonmeet feel very friendly.

      Finally, the seminars are great. They break up the day and give me a chance to sit down.

      So, Dragonmeet is my favourite because of all those smaller reasons. How about you?


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