Nov 20

Countdown to Dragonmeet 2017: 2 weeks


December is just around the corner, so we are almost at Dragonmeet for another year. I am close to the point of drawing up my final plans for the big day.


My favourite convention is held this year on Saturday 2nd December. The venue is stable in 2017, with the second hosting at Novotel London West, in Hammersmith, London. I do not need to research the route as part of my planning this year.


Childcare arrangements have been checked a couple of times, meaning they should run smoothly. On a recent trip to Norwich, I bought a few snack bars to sustain me through the day. I expect to also take lunch with me, along with a drink, but these are simple enough to make at home.


My plans for the trade hall have been disrupted by my wife wanting a list of games she could buy me for Christmas. I preferred to give her options and make sure I could not guess what she bought. Thus my healthy list of games to hunt has been reduced down to just one: Tiny Epic Quests.


I want a few more options than this, so I am back to Board Game Geek looking for recommendations. Another dice game might be cool, but I need pointers on where to refine my search. I prefer watching a review video, but as these take time I must compile a shortlist first. This is a fun task, but not quite what I expected to be doing for the second time this autumn.


Also on my list of tasks are notes about which MERP and Hero Wars books I already own. I may take a different bag to Dragonmeet this year, so I need to trial my various options. This will then segue into making a list of what I want to take with me.


Another priority for this week is the social side of things. A big push now, reaching out to internet friends, should build me a list of people to chat with at Dragonmeet. As the days pass, I grow ever more excited.



Happy Gaming


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