Nov 23

Kickstarting Kids on Bikes


As 2017 winds down, my Kickstarter habit has been absent. However, as a regular listener to the Misdirected Mark Podcast, this cannot last. Phil and Chris at the podcast are definitely on my gaming wavelength, making it even harder to resist their recommendations.


The latest project they found for me is Kids on Bikes, by Jon Gilmour and Doug Levandowski. The campaign page describes the project as follows:

Kids on Bikes is a rules-light storytelling system that gets players into the action fast. The Adventures of Kids on Bikes take place in small towns at any point in history before:

 – Everyone had a camera phone that could catch video of a Ghost
 – Use GPS to track a Homicidal Maniac roaming around town
 – Research an old creaky house in seconds using Google

Kids on Bikes takes place in a more mysterious time, where anything and everything *could* happen.


‘80s-era gaming is back in vogue with Tales from the Loop and Stranger Things. Kids on Bikes is a collaborative, rules-lite addition to this sub-genre. This is very much my style of game. Kids on Bikes also involves a bonus character loosely connected the Heroes, which is run by all the Players. There is a lot in this game I am excited to see.


Funding for Kids on Bikes closes Tuesday, 28th November at 2:15 pm UTC, international timings will vary. The project has burst through its funding target and is deep into the stretch goals. This bonus content brings a range of modules to the project. Kids on Bikes is thus superb value.



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