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12 Days of Dicember Launch


My most exciting times on the blog are when I have a project to run. This keeps me very busy, but creates a much better feeling around the blog. So far this year I have run:



This post marks the launch of my final blog project of the year, the 12 Days of Dicember.





The inspiration for the 12 Days of Dicember came from the RPG-a-Day project hosted at Brigade Con. It seems the organisation of the online convention has changed hands, meaning their website is no longer holding the details of their project.


See my 2017 RPG-a-Day launch post for an overview


The basic structure is to ask a different RPG-related question every day in August. Contributors share their answers online, using the suggested tags or links to bring everyone together. In 2017, I encountered the answers on Twitter, G+ and on at least one podcast. I found my answers varied according to the relevance of the question. Yet it was an interesting process and motivated me to post regularly through August.


12 Dice Days

Rather than simply repeat the RPG-a-Day format with my own questions, I wanted to broaden the subject matter. Tales of a GM has long had a history of posting assorted dice photos. I have shared images of travelling dice, dice punishments and now settled on the dice-focused webcomic. Thus, it made sense for me to explore our hobby’s love of dice with this project.


It quickly became apparent that thirty questions about dice would quickly prove repetitive. Likewise, it did not seem like a project I could repeat another year. I wanted a shorter list of questions to ensure this project could run more than just once.


When I stumbled upon the Dicember pun, then the idea of only 12 days of questions fitted perfectly. Firstly, this is a reference to the Twelve Days of Christmas. One of my early series of webcomics presented a roleplayer’s version of this classic song. The full text of this song is available as part of the first volume of the webcomic pdf.


Learn more about Tales of the Dice Volume 1


The other reason for choosing just twelve days of questions is the looming holidays. December is such a busy month with school events, Christmas prep and then the boys on holiday. This will be even worse this year with the building work running late. I must sustain the focus and drive to promote and post for the project. Maintaining this focus for the entire month, however, would be too much of a challenge.



Dice Questions

Of course, the most important part of the project is the questions. They are included in the large graphic above. Here is the text version of the list:

  1. Which is your favourite set of dice?
  2. Which is your oldest die?
  3. What is your favourite dice game?
  4. Which is the strangest die in your collection?
  5. What is your rule for when dice roll off the table?
  6. What is your favourite dice shape?
  7. What is the best dice pattern?
  8. Who is your favourite dice retailer?
  9. What are your dice punishments?
  10. Which are your hardest working dice?
  11. Which die have you bought most recently?
  12. What is your favourite new dice technology?



Taking part in the 12 Days of Dicember is simple. All you need to do is answer the question of the day. Question one is for 1st December, question two for 2nd December, all the way to the final question on the 12th. To help share your answer you can use the tag #12DaysDice or post a link in the comments here.


I post my first response here



I look forward to seeing your answers. If you can also post a picture of the dice in question, that would be even better. Dice are such a central part of our hobby. Now we can celebrate them over the 12 Days of Dicember.


What questions would you ask? Do you have any advice about photographing dice? Share your thoughts with your fellow GMs in the comments below.



Happy Gaming



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