Nov 28

Dice Tray Review


Two of my most useful gaming accessories are the dice trays from All Rolled Up. I bought a second folding dice tray at UK Games Expo earlier this year. One of them I keep rolled up as part of my ARU gaming kit.



The folding dice tray is available from All Rolled Up. I find them at both my game conventions, but they also sell over the internet. Their website describes the folding dice tray as follows:


Folding Ectoplasm Green dice tray, made from quality black faux leather and real wool felt (from Holland). Plastic snaps on the corners allow you to pinch the edges to create a tray to soften the clatter of dice and contain your rolls. When stowed away, fold in half and use the snaps for a narrow, wallet-like profile that fits perfectly inside an All Rolled Up.


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After juggling the single dice tray for years, I now have two. One lives with my board game collection. This is a helpful accessory for any dice game, notably Tiny Epic Galaxies. The second, a fetching deep blue, is part of my GM kit. This travels with me to Norwich for the regular gaming sessions. I also found a second use for the folding dice tray. When open flat, the dice tray makes a perfect mouse mat.


As per the instructions, I found careful ironing of the dice tray removes any creases. Be sure to follow the instructions and use a low heat. The poppers remain effective in my older tray, showing no signs of wear. A normal rolling action keeps the dice safely within the walls of the dice tray.


The dice tray is a recommended gaming accessory for roleplayers and board gamers.


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