Dec 05

12 Days of Dicember: Q5



Here at Tales of a GM, I am running the 12 Days of Dicember project, a way for us to share our love of dice. Each day this month, until the twelfth, there is a new question to spark a conversation about the dice we love.


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Day 5

What is your rule for when dice roll off the table?


Today we have a more generic question. How do you house rule this common situation in your game? Playing with excitable boys, this is quite a regular experience, as they roll with great enthusiasm.


My rule for all games is to require any dice which bounce off the table to be re-rolled. I try to restate this rule whenever dice roll off the table, to avoid any arguments where possible. I roll in the open for HeroQuest, so I ask the same of the Players. I do not believe any of my Players would cheat, but this rule also serves to avoid the opportunity for cheating.


I am sure I have played in games where the rule was the opposite and dice on the floor still counted. I never saw anyone abuse this rule, but it felt wrong. Thus, I stick to my rule of requiring a re-roll on the table.


How does it work in your game?



Happy Rolling




    • Ken on December 6, 2017 at 3:10 am
    • Reply

    Our table rule is the same as yours; if it lands on the floor, it needs to be re-rolled. At this point it’s more a question of tradition than honesty; we’ve been gaming together for 20 years, and this is just what we do (and, of course, we’re passing the tradition on to our kids as they take up D&D as well).

    Here’s my post on the topic:

      • Phil on December 6, 2017 at 4:25 pm
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      Hi Ken,

      Yes, I think there is a strong tradition element in the choice of our house rule about dice on the floor. There is no harm in checking the reason for a tradition, but it is one of those long-standing rules. I hope to pass this along to the boys.

      Thanks for sharing again

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