Dec 05

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 33, Part 3


  • Another great Dragonmeet
  • Returning to the campaign
  • Game prep in the busiest month of the year


My gaming focus last week was on the preparations for Dragonmeet. I had a wonderful time at the convention again, with a full report due on the blog at the end of the week. Sadly my trip did not include any gaming this year, so the weekend was barren in that respect.


Moving into this week, I must prep for a return to the HeroQuest game on Saturday. I wrote the first draft of the actual play report last week, but otherwise, I am starting from scratch. Fortunately, I have a couple of story hooks unused from previous weeks and my HeroQuest prep generally runs smoother than I expect.


However, we are now into December and thus I am busier than ever. This month is always a little crazy, made treble this year by the presence of the builders and The 12 Days of Dicember project on the blog. So far, I am keeping up to date with the increased blog schedule and caught up from the busy weekend. It is difficult to see where I will find the time for everything, but I remain optimistic that things will fall into place if I just keep pushing.


Wish me luck.


Happy Gaming



The Prep in Progress series comprises short summaries of my prep for the current story arc of the ongoing Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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