Dec 06

12 Days of Dicember: Q6



Here at Tales of a GM, I am running the 12 Days of Dicember project, a way for us to share our love of dice. Each day this month, until the twelfth, there is a new question to spark a conversation about the dice we love.


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Day 6

What is your favourite dice shape?


There are several ways to approach this question. I could consider the ease of rolling a die or just how it looks. However, I chose to highlight the dice shape with the fondest memories for me. Thus, my favourite dice shape is the d20.


In recent years I have gamed far more with the d20 than any other die. This is the feature die in my two favourite games, although with slightly different markings. First, there is HeroQuest, my ideal RPG. While this shares the iconic d20 with the f20 games, the best roll in HQ is a 1, while a 20 is a fumble. Thus, the majority of d20 t-shirts are “wrong” for my beloved HeroQuest.


Magic: The Gathering also uses a d20 to represent a Player’s life total. This is not the only way to do this but is one of the easiest methods of keeping track. Wizards of the Coast produce Spin-down Life Counters, which are d20s with the numbers arranged in a descending spiral to help the Player find the number they need. Thus, dice for the two games are not really interchangeable. Yet the ever-present d20 guarantees it this accolade.


How about you?



Happy Rolling



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