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12 Days of Dicember: Q7



Here at Tales of a GM, I am running the 12 Days of Dicember project, a way for us to share our love of dice. Each day this month, until the twelfth, there is a new question to spark a conversation about the dice we love.  I am now past the mid-point of the project.


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Day 7

What is the best dice pattern?


One of my highlights of the annual pilgrimage to Dragonmeet is the rainbow of dice at the Chessex stand. Here are all the dice patterns and colours you would want. I am only interested in the d20s these days, but there are polyhedral options for every permutation.


This year I have a new favourite dice pattern. Previously, I preferred the conventional gem dice, as shown by my answer to the Day 1 question. However, it appears I am fickle and have a new dice love. My favourite dice pattern is the “sea glass” effect. The photo rather blends the colours together. The featured dice are the green, purple and blue versions.


I bought a green one of these beauties at Dragonmeet, but I rather wish I had bought more. These dice have a gorgeous finish and almost glow with light. They are simple to read and photograph well, especially in bright light. I especially like the blue tones of these dice, but I really should snap up the other colours before they fall out of production. A quest for Dragonmeet 2018.


How about you?



Happy Rolling




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    • Ken on December 9, 2017 at 1:32 pm
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    Those are some nice dice – they remind me of the “frosted” dice of old (and by old, I think that’s circa 25-30 years ago). I’ve still got quite a few frosted dice in my collection (all retired) but I’ll need to see if I can find these sea glass dice the next time I’m at my friendly neighborhood gaming store.

      • Phil on December 9, 2017 at 3:56 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Ken,

      Oh yes, you should definitely take a look at the frosted dice. They take great photographs for me, so I am sure they would appeal to you.

      Thanks for sharing

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