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Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 32


What Voice more Sweet



Morning, Quarryday, Secret Week, Delve Season, 1017.


Arrluk and Umiaq met in the embassy to update Adlartok about what they learnt at the Dwarven Ladies Tea Circle. There was so much new information to consider. Umiaq resolved the best place to begin was to speak with his mother, Ambassador Qigukna. The Ambassador was less than enthusiastic to speak with her wayward son, all the more so after Adlartok tried to undermine Umiaq.


After sending Adlartok away, the Ambassador chatted briefly with Umiaq. She made it clear she preferred to discuss the matter with Sartokna, but Umiaq persisted in the face of his mother’s displeasure once again. The Ambassador confirmed she knew about the rotating cast of troll warriors hired as mercenaries by the dwarves. She promised to consult with the Castle of Lead about how much more she should reveal to her team.


Umiaq insisted the Ambassador had ordered him to raid the Proculus Tower in pursuit of the black dragon figurine. Arrluk doubted this instruction and the Heroes shared a tense moment as they tried to determine the authority of this order. Arrluk relied upon his experience dealing with addicts to establish that Umiaq and his strange red cloak were definitely lying about something.


Further action was stopped by a messenger waiting at the gate for Umiaq. A young hobbit brought Umiaq a message from Jakaleel, inviting him to the Red Tower. Umiaq refused to attend but received a token marked by the Red Moon Rune. Adlartok invoked his destiny to have his loyal trollkin eavesdrop on this conversation. Once again, the troublesome trollkin spread another round of rumours about Umiaq.


To delay Umiaq from his goal of raiding the Proculus Tower, Adlartok convinced him to visit the gnome architect once more. The gnome was very disappointed to meet Adlartok again, yet agreed to measure the tower one final time. The proximity to the Red Tower tempted Umiaq to visit. His red cloak called to him, but a well-placed belt brought the eerie cloak under control.


Instead, the Heroes sought out the troll mercenaries. They were directed to a small barracks in Fabarium, where they met Commander Karrg. This proved to be Nunatuq the Loud, who the Heroes had met in the tunnels previously. Nunatuq was happy to talk with fellow trolls, confirming the rotation of mercenaries.


This operation, commanded by Sinntokna of Castle Lead, involved familiarizing as many trolls as possible with the layout of Ulubrae. Nunatuq believed this was a prelude to an invasion by the trolls, aided by skaven mercenaries. The probable date for the attack was to coincide with the dwarven Festival of Sol Invictus, when the authorities would be focused on their religious ceremony. Nunatuq was currently unaware of his exact mission for the invasion.



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The Songs of Ulubrae are the session summaries from the Shadows of Ulubrae story arc in my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign.


For more details, see the Shadows of Ulubrae page


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