Dec 09

12 Days of Dicember: Q9



Here at Tales of a GM, I am running the 12 Days of Dicember project, a way for us to share our love of dice. Each day this month, until the twelfth, there is a new question to spark a conversation about the dice we love.  I am now past the mid-point of the project.


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Day 9

What are your dice punishments?


Despite having taken photographs of many dice punishments, I do not really have any. The concept of punishing dice is a common geek trope. I have seen plenty of shamed dice posted on Twitter. Perhaps I do not feel the same emotional connection to the outcome of a dice roll because I am the GM.


The closest I have to a punishment is my habit of rotating out a die when it rolls a 1 or a 20. This gives me a chance to use more of my dice collection. My habit is also intended to show the Players how I am not using a “lucky” die. This ritual is the closest I come to a traditional dice punishment.


How about you?



Happy Rolling




    • Ken on December 9, 2017 at 11:29 pm
    • Reply

    Here’s my post for today’s topic:

    My group never got into the dice shaming movement (as amusing as it can be). Now people shaming … that is something we do. If people forget their dice, they need to use dice from the Dice Cup of Shame — the big plastic beer pitcher that has all my unused dice.

      • Phil on December 10, 2017 at 11:13 am
      • Reply

      Hi Ken,

      In a similar vein, my group seems to have evolved pencil shaming, where they taunt each other about forgetting a pencil. They seem happy enough to share dice, but pencils are more contentious.

      Weird, huh?

      Thanks for sharing

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