Jan 09

End of an Era


Hello Friends,


I write this today with sad news. I have decided to retire my blog. Thank you so much for visiting, I really appreciate your support.


The demise of the blog comes from a number of reasons. It took up a large chunk of my time but attracted relatively little traffic. Considering it had been running for over four years, I had hoped for a lot more. The blog failed to lead to any meaningful number of sales, so another dream of making a living through game writing falls away.


Also, I have a limited amount of time left to focus on fiction writing whilst caring for the boys. All too soon they will be in High School and no longer need me at home all the time. Thus, I have the next couple of years to improve my fiction and land an elusive Agent. Or maybe something else will fall in my lap, but I have to make the sensible choice here.


Finally, I can also relax a little more without the drumbeat of the blog demanding content and promotion every day. I pushed and pushed, yet achieved little beyond consuming my time and energy. Of course, looking back I can see a few better options I should have taken. I could pursue them again, but do not want to invest the time on another try when the fiction is also waiting.


So, a hard choice. Now I have stepped away, I have more time for my campaign and I feel a lot less pressure. I have stress enough from the boys and the builders. Once the house is straight after months of building work, and then unpacking, I will step up the fiction writing. On current form, I expect this will be after Easter.


Thank you again for your interest in my writing


Happy Gaming



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