May 14

Reading Around: NPCs at The Mandragora


The previous Reading Around looked at The Norse Mythology Blog.


Today I shall direct your attention to Bill Heron’s article “The Other Guys – Supporting Cast (N)PCs in RPGS” at his blog The Mandragora.


The article explains the benefits of running a one-shot RPG featuring the supporting cast as the protagonists. For example, playing a Session as the “red shirts” during a Star Trek campaign.


As Bill explains in his article, there is a lot to gain from a Session focused on the supporting cast.


I am definitely going to steal this idea for the Tales of the Hero Wars. Here is a simple way to shift the focus of the game for a Session. I love how it would add depth to the setting, and colour all future dealings with this group of NPCs.


A game focused on the supporting cast would make a brilliant Interlude.


So, take a look at The Mandragora and discover another option for your storytelling.

Happy Gaming


  1. Bill Heron

    Thanks! Appreciate the praise!

    1. Phil

      Hi Bill,

      You are very welcome, Bill. Praise where praise is due!

      I will try to let you know when I run a Session focused on the supporting cast.

      All the best

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