May 14

Reading Around: NPCs at The Mandragora


The previous Reading Around looked at The Norse Mythology Blog.


Today I shall direct your attention to Bill Heron’s article “The Other Guys – Supporting Cast (N)PCs in RPGS” at his blog The Mandragora.


The article explains the benefits of running a one-shot RPG featuring the supporting cast as the protagonists. For example, playing a Session as the “red shirts” during a Star Trek campaign.


As Bill explains in his article, there is a lot to gain from a Session focused on the supporting cast.


I am definitely going to steal this idea for the Tales of the Hero Wars. Here is a simple way to shift the focus of the game for a Session. I love how it would add depth to the setting, and colour all future dealings with this group of NPCs.


A game focused on the supporting cast would make a brilliant Interlude.


So, take a look at The Mandragora and discover another option for your storytelling.

Happy Gaming


  1. Thanks! Appreciate the praise!

      • Phil on May 15, 2014 at 5:58 am
      • Reply

      Hi Bill,

      You are very welcome, Bill. Praise where praise is due!

      I will try to let you know when I run a Session focused on the supporting cast.

      All the best

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