May 18

Location Aspects and Brainstorming with Players



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  1. Phil, it’s great to see how you’re expanding upon HeroQuest (using Fate my other system of choice at the moment).

    I think it’ll be worthwhile to add another type of situational element: weather.

    Yes I know it’ll fit in under other elements but highlighting it could be benefical. I went out to Church this morning with an overcoat. Bad idea–I was sweating. Just imagine if a knight was in armour. How he would feel?

    What about rain pouring so hard you cannot really see what’s going on? Or a low sun shining directly into your eyes as you’re trying to fight the Big Bad.

    A normal boring fight, or scene, could be enhanced just by using weather.

      • Phil on May 19, 2014 at 6:14 am
      • Reply

      Hi Kenny the Cabbage,

      Thank you once more for commenting, and congratulations on being the 100th comment on Tales of a GM. Sorry, no prize, just the kudos.

      Including the weather in the list is a brilliant idea. Weather is another area of the environment that is often overlooked. In fact, it is probably less relevant at the table than any other environmental feature, yet is the one that is always present.

      It also strikes me as wonderfully British to make the weather meaningful in the game.

      Now that I think about it, I am tempted to make the weather into an Aspect that is always in play. Perhaps there is scope for a second article . . .

      All the best

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