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Find the Path: A Hacked Becoming Quest


The past few Sessions of my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign were played as Becoming Interlude.


Becoming PlayThe background to this involved one Hero from the HeroQuest 2 part of the campaign wandering through a mountain range searching for a safe path for the nomad tribe. The Hero had previously been drenched in Krystal Potion, a powerful substance with the potential to transform him. Thus, the transformative nature of a Becoming Quest matched the Hero’s ongoing story.



Becoming: A Game of Heroism and Sacrifice was written by Brian Engard and is published by Dangerous Games. This is an adversarial RPG for four Players.


I have previously reviewed Becoming on Tales of a GM.


One of the Quests in Becoming is “Exodus”, a Science Fiction Quest where the Hero is the Captain of a long-range scout ship in search of a new home for humanity. As the broad theme of “Exodus” matched the current situation in my campaign, I chose to adapt the text to form the basis of our Find the Path Quest. These notes are presented below.


Becoming: A Game of Heroism and Sacrifice is available at Drive Thru. [Affiliate Link]


The Hero: Kadaanizhtaa-Melat the Red Battle

Write “Kadaa, the Hero” on an Index card, fold it into a tent and stand it before you.


Asset List

  • Virtues
    • “The Tribe needs us.”
    • Thought Before Action
    • Focus upon the God Within
    • “Ubalturul is relying on me.”
    • Harmony of Inner Self
    • No Barrier between Mythic and Mundane
  • Strengths
    • Mystic Warrior
    • Sowing of Stones
    • Build Shrine
    • Scout Path Ahead
    • Strike of the Cobra
    • Tremor Sense
  • Allies
    • White Wing, flying fire toad, Animal Companion
    • White Dust, dust worm, Animal Companion
    • White Foot, Gecko, Animal Companion
    • Fire of Strength, Beaked Dragonnewt, nomad warrior
    • Yellow Flank, Crested Dragonnewt, nomad scout
    • Ubalturul, Horned Dragonnewt, sensei


Think about:

Your Quest is the Tribe’s best hope to find a suitable path through the mountains, and you are its Leader. The scouts look to you, the Tribal Council looks to you, the Sensei looks to you. You bear the weight of the Quest on your shoulders, and thanks to the Krystal Potion, your Quest has a slim chance of success.


What will you do to ensure you succeed? What won’t you do?



There were three Fates for this Quest: Duty, Mysticism and Void.



Fate Creation:

Write your role (Duty) on a tent card. Take a copy of the Scene List and look it over.


Special Ability:

If the Hero refuses one of your offers, you may give up to 5 dice (instead of just 3) to the Agent of Threat. Feel free to use this as leverage when making your offer.


Think About:

Duty may seem like a good thing, a thing that guides you when you’re not sure what to do, but it has a darker side. Duty forces you to make hard decisions; Duty often makes you the bad guy or the scapegoat. Duty doesn’t care about good or evil; it wants results.


What will it cost the Hero to get those results?



Fate Creation:

Write your role (Mysticism) on a tent card. Take a copy of the Scene List and look it over.


Special Ability:

When you are the Agent of Threat, you may name an Ally as you narrate your Threat. This Ally is being drawn onto the Mystical path. The Hero must risk that Ally as if it were invoked, but gains no dice for doing so.


Think About:

The Hero is on a practical Quest, but the lure of the Mystical path is always at the back of his mind. It is inner strength, inner purity that is paramount. The practicalities of the mundane world are a distraction from the path to inner peace.


How can the Hero attain purity of mind when the practical world demands his attention? Why cannot the rest of the scouting party understand this spiritual Quest?




Fate Creation:

Write your role (Void) on a tent card. Take a copy of the Scene List and look it over.


Special Ability:

Whenever you subvert one of the Hero’s Allies, you get +1 victory token. Whenever you are the Agent of Threat and you narrate a subverted Ally into the Threat, you get +1 die.


Think About:

The Krystal Potion that drenched the Hero was potent with Void energy. Think of this as sorcerous radiation, corrupting the Hero from within, warping his form and poisoning his Allies. As Void grows in strength, the Hero becomes disconnected from the Cosmos, becomes nothing.


Can the Hero survive unchanged, uncorrupted? How many Allies will fall to the primal power of nothingness? Void will claim them all!




A Becoming Quest is broken down into nine Scenes, three for each of the Fates. Here is our Scene List.


SCENE 1: The Border Post

Agent of Threat; Duty

Set-up; Several days after leaving Cradle Valley, the Scouting Party is in need of supplies. The Quest must stop at a Pavian Border Post to resupply before continuing the journey.

  • Supplies Request
  • Portius , the Centurion
  • Language Barrier
  • Stubborn
  • Water Shortage

Threat (5 dice); Between the language barrier and a stubborn Centurion, the Hero must get the supplies his scouts need.


SCENE 2: The Last Wisdom

Agent of Threat; Mysticism

Set-up; Hero has to explain the mission to the scouts.

  • Safe route for Legacy Herd
  • High Mountain passes
  • Winter clings to the peaks
  • Limited supplies
  • No winter clothing

Threat (5 dice); The Hero must convince the scouts to go on a long, dangerous journey with no further contact with the Tribe and limited supplies.


SCENE 3: Missing Supplies

Agent of Threat; Void

Set-up; A scout comes to the Hero with a problem.

  • “We are eating through the supplies too fast!”
  • A search
  • Items cannot vanish, can they?
  • Supplies found
  • Someone is to blame

Threat (5 dice); The Hero must calm the scouts and decide what to do with the culprit.


SCENE 4: The Stowaway

Agent of Threat; Duty

Set-up; A few days after the missing supplies were identified, a scout finds a Bolo Lizard Spirit is with them.

  • A distressed Spirit
  • Broken Fang Red
  • Demands regular sacrifice
  • Not enough supplies
  • Scared and superstitious nomads

Threat (6 dice); The Hero must decide what to do with the Spirit and how to appease the scouts.


SCENE 5: Lost

Agent of Threat; Mysticism

Set-up; The next day, a scout declares that they are lost in the mountains.

  • A nagging Spirit yearning for the Plains
  • Weeks away from Prax
  • “Whose fault is this?”
  • Hero lost in Mystic Quest
  • Naked Fear

Threat (6 dice); How can the Hero keep the scouts moving forward? Can they find a route with their dwindling supplies?


SCENE 6: The Blame Game

Agent of Threat; Void

Set-up; Rebellious scouts discuss their plight: the Hero arrives in the middle of an argument.

  • Hushed whispers
  • “How do we get through this?”
  • Trust has been eroded away
  • “We have to turn back!”
  • Tempers flare as social bonds dissolve

Threat (6 dice); Can the Hero calm the scouts; prevent a rebellion and convince them to keep searching?


SCENE 7: Desperation Sets in

Agent of Threat; Duty

Set-up; With no path in sight, and very little supplies remaining, the Hero has a choice to make.

  • Low on supplies
  • Many beasts to feed
  • Desperate nomads
  • Endless barren cliffs
  • Cold and snowy heights

Threat (7 dice); How does the Hero make the supplies last? What can be sacrificed? Can he prevent the slaughter of precious beasts?


SCENE 8: A Path!

Agent of Threat; Mysticism

Set-up; A break in the encircling cliffs, there IS a path.

  • A steep path
  • Are there enough supplies to cross the last mountain?
  • A perfectly calm vista
  • Signs of Pavian civilization
  • Hero on the edge of fresh wisdom

Threat (7 dice); Can the Hero pull himself back to the mundane world to push the scouts over one last mountain pass?


SCENE 9: Guarded Pass

Agent of Threat; Void

Set-up; The route down the mountain is guarded and the Krystal Potion has seeped into the Hero’s bones.

  • Nervous Pavian Legionaries
  • Void deep in the bones
  • Mundane world is fading
  • Scouts desperate to reach the lowlands
  • Refusal to bargain

Threat (7 dice); How does the story end? Can the Hero resist the Void is his bones? Will the Pavians beat back the scouts? Is this the path the tribe needs?



The result of our Quest was that the Hero lost the last of his Assets at the end of the final Scene. As the Players had guessed early on, the Hero lost. However, it was only after the final Scene that we knew that Mysticism was the winner.


Our story ended with the Hero near comatose from the effect of the Krystal Potion. We described how Kadaa had done enough for the Tribe to find a path through the mountains, but could not take the credit for it due to his condition. The Tribe was safe, but the hero gained no social benefit from performing the Quest.


Transferring Kadaa back to the HeroQuest game, he has been transformed by the experience, as described previously.



Find the Path was a fun game, and certainly captured the transformative nature of the quest in a way that HeroQuest would not have done. The Players are willing to give the game another try, but we may want to expand our improv skills before next time.


Have you played Becoming? How have Heroes been changed by quests in your game? Share your experiences in the comments below.


Happy Gaming


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