Jun 10

Prep in Progress: Chapter 18, the Becoming Aftermath, Part 3


The Prep in Progress entries are short summaries of my prep for my on-going campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars.


As normal, tomorrow morning is set aside for my game prep. My GM folder is bulging at the seams, so I shall have to find the time to scan in some documents and free up some space. Digitized copies are so much easier to store, and the scanner works quickly, but I will still need to take time away from the writing to scan in the documents.


The time that remains, however, must be used to detail the Villa Tanicius and the catacombs. I am hoping to find a suitable map somewhere in my archives, and then build up the catacombs from there. The earlier HQ Playtest Session was set in these catacombs, so we have already improvised many of the setting details for these tunnels.


This gives me a good framework to work with, but obviously means that we will not be improvising location aspects at the table this week.


This is a shame, both as it is so fun and because it is time at the table that requires no prep from me. I suspect that we will improvise some details for the climactic chamber, but the bulk of the work is already done for us. This just leaves me with the catacombs to populate, and perhaps some characters for the Villa itself.


A lot of time next Session will be taken up with the aftermath of the Becoming Quest, and the changes to Kadaa. Thus, I am not expecting to need the whole catacombs for this weekend, but it would be good if I have a few rooms planned out. One of the Players asked for a “dungeon crawl” sequence in the campaign, and this is where it will happen. The catacombs will need to have about a dozen encounters, which could be puzzles and traps as well as conventional combat scenes.


This all seems very straight forward, but might take longer than I have available. Once again, I am going to need to make the most of my time.


Happy Gaming


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