Jun 12

Prep in Progress: Chapter 18, the Becoming Aftermath, Part 4


The Prep in Progress entries are short summaries of my prep for my on-going campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars.


Yesterday’s game prep was solid. I scanned in about half of what I needed to do, which is enough to ease the burden on my GM folder. I will need another turn with the scanner, but I have at least made a start on the process.


The core of the work, however, was on the game outline sheet. There is going to be a lot of in-game admin for next Session, as we catch up with the effects of both the Becoming Quest and the last HeroQuest Session. This is actually likely to take up a fair chunk of time, which is acceptable as we need to give these events their due.


I have noticed before how the rhythm and excitement of Sessions seems to ebb and flow. After a thrilling Session, especially one where a major plot is resolved, then the next Session always feels slow. Much as I try, it would not be appropriate for every Session to be a thrilling finale. Individually, this may be a little disappointing. In the bigger picture, this is only to be expected and can help to ensure that the exciting Sessions have a decent contrast.


For my current prep, this means that I do not need to have quite so much game prepared.


Despite what I said last Prep in Progress, I have resolved that I will need to have some Location Aspect brainstorming at the start of next Session.


This shows the benefit of planning out some options for the next Session, I gain a good overview of where we are in the story, and what elements I need to progress. I also found some snippets of prep from previous Sessions that were not used, so I shall weave these together to detail the Villa and surrounding area.


Overall, I have a good framework for the next Session, which features an extended character adjustment period as a payoff for the extended Becoming Interlude that we have just completed. We shall then move forward into the plot based around the Villa and catacombs. I have some notes for the start of this plot, but it would be best if I can prep a little more of this plot on Friday to have a good cushion of prep for Saturday.


Happy Gaming


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