Tales of an Artist


I am very lucky to share my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign with Phil Reeves, a very talented artist who has contributed the art you see on this site.

One of Phil's portraits of me.

One of Phil’s portraits of me.


I met Phil when he came to work for me at Lingards Games, an games shop in Norwich. Sadly, Lingards has closed, but we have stayed friends, playing weekly Magic drafts together, and sharing in the group storytelling of the HeroQuest 2 campaign.


We have worked together developing my campaign for the Tales of the Hero Wars and I helped him with the editing of his written work.



Phil is busy as a freelance artist for Pelgrane Press, and now has an online portfolio.  If you want some of his superb art, he may still be able to squeeze your project into his schedule. His email details are available at his site.


Phil was the Player of Nautilus, whose story created a new species for my campaign setting.

A portrait of Nautilus by Phil Reeves

A portrait of Nautilus by Phil Reeves


Phil has also contributed art to Will Hindmarch’s Project Dark.

Phil Reeves Dark


TalesofGM card

The awesome business card that Phil designed for me.

I feel privileged to know such a talented person.


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