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Magpie Tales


There are many excellent Forums in the hobby, and I enjoy being part of some of them. My favourite Username is Philmagpie, using this avatar picture.Magpie 02

“A Thrush Dressed as a Penguin?”

First of all, the picture is of a Magpie, specifically a European Magpie. This may be a different species to the one in your part of the world. The European Magpie has bold black and white colouring, making it rather piebald, with the “pie” in magpie having the same linguistic root. They also have a long, iridescent tail, with an oily sheen of blue, green and purple shades.


They are loud, gregarious birds, with an eye for shiny things. I like this eclectic nature, too.


So, gregarious and eclectic seem like good traits to try to emulate. I doubt that I often achieve this, but they are something to work towards. Thus, my username is often Philmagpie.

Magpie Folklore

There is a lot of folklore associated with Magpies, the most famous of which being the rhyme;


One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret,
Never to be told.


Another piece of folklore is that Magpies are unlucky. However, as I rather like them, I consider Magpies to be lucky, and even more so if you greet them. Thus, I make a point of saying “Good morning, Mister Magpie” or “Good afternoon, Mistress Magpie,” depending upon the time of day. Also, whenever I hear a Magpie’s rattling call, it makes me smile.


Weird? Well, perhaps a little, but the Magpies make me happy. I guess that we all have our personal superstitions, and mine are Magpie-related.

Magpie Art

The art for the avatar image comes from the Una Fricker painting for the Magic: The Gathering card Thieving Magpie.


Happy Gaming



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