TalesOfAGM Dice Sq SmThe tagline to Tales of a GM is faster prep, more story. This page brings together all my articles designed to help you achieve the goal of faster prep.


There are over 800 posts on Tales of a GM, and searching through them is not easy. I hope this page makes it easier for you to find the articles you need to help you achieve faster prep.


Please see the companion page helping you achieve more story.


Firstly, here are some articles about my personal prep routine, and how it has developed during my time writing the blog:


These articles present ideas to help keep your prep focused in the right areas, as focused prep is faster prep:


These tools will speed up your prep:


You can speed up your prep by weaving in these elements from my campaign


I have also proposed some techniques for shifting the prep burden onto the Players:


For a general overview of my ongoing prep, please see my Prep in Progress articles.


Happy Gaming