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Storm & Shield: Galactic Gadgets


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A collection of seven, system-neutral gadgets for planar spies and secret agents.


S&S Galactic Gadgets Cover ThumbnailThe Warlock’s Journal Contest is a product of the Gamer Lifestyle community. Each month, this roving contest jumps from one member’s blog to another. In October 2015 the wandering Warlock’s Journal contest returned to Tales of a GM for a fifth visit.


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The contests on Tales of a GM focus on the organisation Storm & Shield. This is a group which spans the dimensions, with a hand in every world. Elite, well-funded and highly organised, agents of Storm & Shield can be found almost anywhere, in any environment.



The Contest: Galactic Gadgets

Agents of Storm & Shield Prime are elite operatives, aided by some truly amazing technology. Essential kit includes a weapon of some description, if not several. However, there is more to the being a cosmic special agent than just a powerful blaster. Surveillance devices, micro-drones and disguise equipment can all form part of an agent’s essential equipment. Out in the field, there are always obstacles where firepower is not the best solution.


See here for further details about the Galactic Gadgets contest.


Contestants were invited to describe a galactic gadget, as devised by the engineering geniuses who work for Storm & Shield. Storm & Shield: Galactic Gadgets collects together the seven gadgets submitted to the contest. The winner was determined by an online poll.


This pdf features:

  • The Winning Entry: Axiom Sensor by Dominick Riesland
  • Additional entries by Michael Barry, Michael Christensen, and Emil Vahlgren
  • All entries are short, system-neutral essays
  • A bonus Numenera statistics appendix for The Linear Sword, by Michael Barry
  • Bookmarks
  • Art Layer for easy printing
  • Internal pdf hyperlinks
  • 20 pages, including front and back covers


Storm & Shield: Galactic Gadgets can be downloaded for free from DriveThru RPG [affiliate link]


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