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TalesofGM cardTales of a GM is my first blog, so it represents something of an experiment. I juggle the regular content of the website, marketing, and create a range of articles to create a site worth reading.


I introduce myself properly in About a GM.



Aims of Tales of a GM

Basically, I want to improve as a GM. Overall, there are some things I do okay, while there are definite areas where I need to improve. Thus, I intend to use this blog to share ideas and processes with other GMs. Ideally, this should induce a level of self-analysis that will force me to look closely at the way that I prep and run my games. Along the way, I also hope to solicit feedback, create dialogue and share ideas with other GMs.


Finally, I would like to present some of the tools that I use during my prep. Are these useful to other GMs? How can they be improved, or used differently? How can we help each other achieve faster prep and more story?



Categories of Post

Posts on Tales of a GM will fall under these broad categories:


  1. Prep in Progress
    1. Short articles about my prep as I work through the weekly routine of preparing for a Session of my ongoing campaign, The Tales of the Hero Wars
  2. Something for the Weekend
    1. Longer articles dealing with wider GMing issues raised by my game, or encountered elsewhere.
  3. Notes of a GM
    1. General articles about Geek culture, items of interest from around the Internet, and anything else that does not fit neatly into one of the other categories.
  4. The Lost Scrolls
    1. The Tales of the GM Archives of older posts
  5. Webcomic
    1. My Tales of the Dice webcomic posts
  6. Personal
    1. Those posts dealing with my broader writing goals, or elements of my family life.


There should be a Something for the Weekend article posted here every Friday, or perhaps a little later in the weekend, depending upon my schedule.


Find more of my articles divided by category in the Index page


A Community of GMs

Tales of a GM is not just for me. Let us all work together in the Comments sections to create a venue to discuss and exchange ideas. We can help each other improve at the table and become better GMs.


Have I missed anything?


Happy Gaming