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On the Smolensk Road

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On the Smolensk Road Cover ThumbnailThe 1812 retreat from Moscow as a DramaSystem Pitch.


On the Smolensk Road began with a contest at RPG Geek run in April 2015. The contest was for a DramaSystem Pitch, and run by Yohann Delalande. The contest invited pitches in the style of those in Blood on the Snow, but there were no restrictions for theme or content.


I choose to write about Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. The horrific retreat from Moscow is the most powerful episode in this period. During the retreat the collapsing French Army had to fight against the weather, the Russians and eventually their comrades as it became every man for himself. I believe this event makes for a compelling DramaSystem game.


Once I submitted my original entry, I quickly thought up some additional material which could be of interest to anyone running On the Smolensk Road. This extra material is included here, in an updated version of On the Smolensk Road. I have added in an essay about adding extra horror elements to the game. Alternatively, you may want to play a more fantasy version of the setting, outlined in Fantasy & Flintlocks.


This pdf features:

  • Background information, character outlines, thematic suggestions, names and more, per the usual DramaSystem style
  • BONUS – Horror on the Smolensk Road, five additional themes to add an element of horror to your game
  • BONUS – Fantasy & Flintlocks, seven ways to add magic to this Napoleonic game
  • Art Layer for easy printing
  • Internal pdf hyperlinks
  • 35 pages, including front and back covers


For more details, see the product page on DriveThru RPG [affiliate link]


Share your thoughts and comments about On the Smolensk Road in the comments below.


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