Storm & Shield 6: Agents of Order


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A collection of seven, system-neutral planar secret agents.


S&S Agents of Order Cover ThumbnailThe Warlock’s Journal Contest is a product of the Gamer Lifestyle community. Each month, this roving contest jumps from one member’s blog to another. In March 2016 the wandering Warlock’s Journal contest returned to my Tales of a GM blog for a sixth visit.


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The contests on Tales of a GM focus on the organisation Storm & Shield. This is a group which spans the dimensions, with a hand in every world. Elite, well-funded and highly organised, agents of Storm & Shield can be found almost anywhere in the Cosmos.



The Contest: Agents of Order

We have long known the agents of Storm & Shield Prime are elite operatives, aided by some truly amazing technology. However, we are yet to meet any of them.


So who are these highly-trained agents, who risk their lives as they travel the Cosmos? Smooth spies? Scruffy smugglers? Just an average face in the crowd who nobody really notices? Masters of disguise, who never look the same two days in a row?


See the launch post for full details about the Agents of Order contest


Contestants were invited to describe an agent of Storm & Shield. Storm & Shield: Agents of Order collects together the two agents submitted to the contest, plus five bonus agents. The winner was determined by an online poll, between the two original entries.


This pdf features:

  • The Winning Entry: Beetle by Simon Nading
  • Additional Entry: Prussian Blue by Michael Barry
  • Five Bonus Entries by Phil Nicholls
  • All entries are short, system-neutral essays
  • Bookmarks
  • Art Layer for easy printing
  • Internal pdf hyperlinks
  • 22 pages, including front and back covers


Storm & Shield 6: Agents of Order can be downloaded for free from DriveThru RPG [affiliate link]


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