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Along with my blog, there are other pieces of my writing spread around the internet. Here are links to some of the things I have written.



Roleplaying Tips Newsletter

Essays in Roleplaying Tips Newsletter, published by Johnn Four:

  • “How to Make a Villain-Based Plot Engine.”, RPT#645
  • “Story Overlays: Two encounters to add More Plot to your Traps”, RPT#649
  • “It was a Dark and Stormy Night: a Gothic Fantasy Plot Engine.”, RPT#653, Patreon Exclusive
  • “Weaving Long-term Skill Challenges into your Campaign”, RPT#657, Patreon Exclusive
  • “Five Hazardous Elemental Dungeons”, RPT#661
  • “7 Ways to Build Rising Action”, RPT#666
  • “Invoking Chaos: Adding a Trickster when your game is Stuck”, RPT#667
  • “A Guide to PC Relationship Maps”, RPT#670
  • “Seven Principles of Storytelling”, RPT#675, reprinted from Tales of a GM
  • “A Three Step Modern Haunting Generator”, RPT#676
  • “Four Ways To Load Chekhov’s Gun In Your Games”, RPT#679
  • “Countdown to the Apocalypse: Six Ways to Raise the Stakes”, RPT#683
  • “How To Fill In The Blanks – Drawing Maps Dungeon World Style”, RPT#690
  • “The Hidden Structure Of Russian Folk Tales: Vladimir Propp Part 1”, RPT#692
  • “Villainous Banter: Using Propp’s Reconnaissance Scene”, RPT#694


Tables in Roleplaying Tips Newsletter, published by Johnn Four:

  • “20 Children Encounters”, RPT#668
  • “Temperate Forest Hunting”, RPT#671


The books I self-publish can be found here.


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