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Villainous Plots Cover ThumbnailHow to make a custom villain-based plot engine.



The essay at the heart of this first Table Tools pdf was originally published by Johnn Four in issue 645 of Roleplaying Tips newsletter. Here the villain-based plot engine is updated and expanded. Learn how to custom-build the three tables needed for your plot engine:


     1. Villain

     2. Action

     3. Victim



Alongside the basic essay, I include step-by-step guides for each of the three tables. These three worksheets help you compile your own custom villain-based plot engine. Furthermore, you receive two blank versions of the tables ready to complete yourself. Finally, this pdf is bundled with my sample tables as a spreadsheet, allowing you to start using the product immediately.


Still not sure about the plot engine concept? Here are ten results from the sample tables bundled with the book.


  1. Cult of the Broken Dagger steal from Ambassador Tan’uk
  2. Count Ballan attacks the High Steward
  3. Sassdric of Mortavia curses the Silver Scales
  4. The Azure Blades Mercenary Company steal from the Palace Guard
  5. Zandor, Master Thief assassinates the Sisters of the Holy Light
  6. Cult of the Broken Dagger attacks the Palace Guard
  7. Glanok the Troll attacks the followers of Captain Jerrek of the Palace Guard
  8. Thieves Guild firebombs the house of the High Steward
  9. The Red Brotherhood attacks the followers of Sisters of the Holy Light
  10. Thieves Guild burgles the home of Provost Marshal Herreth


For an expansion of these plot outlines, and even more plots, see this article.


This pdf features:

  • Guidance on compiling your custom villain-based plot engine, with advice on probability and choosing suitable villains, actions and victims.
  • BONUS – Three worksheets, one for each of the three tables.
  • BONUS – Two blank versions of the villains table, one for printing and a spreadsheet for you to compile digitally.
  • BONUS – Sample table used in the text ready to print.
  • Bookmarks
  • Art Layer for easy printing
  • Internal pdf hyperlinks
  • 24 pages, including front and back covers


Villainous Plots can now be downloaded from DriveThruRPG [affiliate link]


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