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heroic-nicknames-cover-thumbnailErik the Red, Little John, Alexander the Great.


History, Mythology and Fantasy are full of characters with nicknames. Heroic Nicknames is a collection of tables to help any fantasy GM add a variety of colourful nicknames to the GMCs in their world.


A lengthy introduction explains the merits of a good nickname, and the ways this can teach your Players about the setting. A particularly good nickname can even serve a plot hook.


The central part of this book is devoted to over 80 tables of nickname components. A master table sends you to one of 12 categories of nickname, with many of the entries requiring a second roll to generate a compound nickname. Five sets of sub-tables add an even greater range of nicknames to the process.


Finally, there are several sets of tables bundled with this book. Use these templates to compile your own custom set of nickname tables.



This pdf features:

  • 10 page introduction to the creation and use of nicknames in your game.
  • Guidelines on using these tables.
  • 70 pages of tables
  • Advice on compiling your custom nickname tables.
  • BONUS – Sample tables used in the text ready to print.
  • BONUS – Three sets of tables ready for customization, depending upon how much you want to change my nickname tables.
  • BONUS – Ready-to-print list of pre-generated nicknames.
  • Bookmarks
  • Art Layer for easy printing
  • Internal pdf hyperlinks
  • 111 pages, including front and back covers


Heroic Nicknames can now be downloaded from DriveThruRPG [affiliate link]


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