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A set of tables to distinguish your mooks.


While running my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign, I noticed how much my Players enjoyed wading through a horde of mooks before confronting a major foe. These mooks were relatively faceless, yet I needed a way to distinguish between them. I wanted to give my Players more options than just “I hit the one who hit me!”


By adding a brief description of each mook I had:

   – Laughing Goblin

   – Tattooed Goblin

   – Yellow-cloaked Goblin


These tags injected more story into my campaign, but I still needed varied descriptions. Thinking up mook traits from scratch was too time-consuming. Thus was born these tables, a simple way to generate an endless supply of mook tags.


Fantasy Mook Traits gives YOU faster prep and more story!


Read a lengthy extract from the Introduction here


This pdf features:

  • 100 basic tags, divided into six categories
  • Medieval and Bronze Age versions of the basic tags
  • Three sub-tables for adding more variety to the tags
  • Five BONUS pdfs, including copies of both main tables and sample tag list
  • Bookmarks
  • Art Layer for easy printing
  • Internal pdf hyperlinks
  • 38 pages, including front and back covers


Fantasy Mook Traits can now be bought from DriveThruRPG [affiliate link]


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