Tales of the Dice, Volume I


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The first 52 issues of the webcomic from Tales of a GM.



Tales of a GM has been running since August 2013. This means the archives are expanding steadily, and progressively harder to access. I have a dedicated page for my Tales of the Dice webcomic, which speeds the process of finding past issues.


However, these webcomics are comparatively large. Space on the website is limited, and I need a way to free space for the new issues. After starting my Reprinted Tales line in 2016, I realised I could extract older issues from the website and release them as a pdf.


The comics in Volume 1 have been deleted from the blog. This compilation is the only place to find the early issues all in sequence.


This pdf features:

  • Reprints of the 52 webcomics from year one of Tales of the Dice
  • Both original and new comments on the comics, noting connections and errors
  • BONUS reprints of 5 Travelling Dice images
  • BONUS full text of The Geek Twelve Days of Christmas
  • BONUS pdf of The Geek Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Bookmarks
  • Art Layer for easy printing
  • Internal pdf hyperlinks
  • 74 pages, including front and back covers


Tales of the Dice, Volume I can now be downloaded from DriveThruRPG [affiliate link]


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